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Selecting A Sewing Machine

Which sewing machine should I buy?

Is the question that I am asked the most and my answer is always the same: A cheap one. Why a cheap one? For most beginning sewers an inexpensive machine of just about any brand will have what they need to learn to sew. Then if they decide that they want to invest in a machine with more bells and whistles they will have the knowledge of how a machine works in order to be able to compare between the many brands and different types of machines.

There is only one caveat don’t get the specialty ones — you know the “small easy to use” or the “made just for kids” even if you are buying it for a child. Always get a full size sewing machine, it will have the power needed to go through several layers of fabric of all kinds with easy. Where as the specialty ones do not. I went through several $100 and $200 machines in a 15 year period before I decided to invest $1000’s on a brand name machine with lots of bells and whistles. Joan’s has one for around $125 on sale most of the time (remember don’t buy the cute red one.) Walmart also has one for around the same price.

sewing machine
brother sewing machine

And if you have a little bit more money to spend here is one with a full metal frame and nice bell (automatic threader).      I’ve taught students that used both of these machines and they are great for beginners.

~Hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you have any questions: